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Women Deliver 2023

Events, Spaces, and Collaborations

16–20 July 2023

16 July

Girls’ Deliver Pre-Conference – Purposeful Roundtable Session.

Feminism, Political Power, & Adolescent Girls: A Push Back Against the Co-option of Girls’ Activism

18 July  7am–8.30am (with breakfast)

Kigali Convention Centre, Room MH1.1 – Purposeful Side Event

Resourcing Girls’ Resistance: Challenging the Supremacy of International Development Programming.

In every corner of the world, girls are reclaiming institutions of power and speaking truth to authoritarian regimes, yet traditional programming in the international development field does not speak to how girls are organising and supporting the profound changes they are leading on. Join young activists in conversation about what their work looks like and what is needed to sustain it – an invaluable space for open reflection on adult designed programmes for girls versus what it means to resource girls’ resistance.

18–20 July  Daily 9am–5pm

Girls’ Resistance Space – Main Tent (MH5) Purposeful convenes 3-days of meetups and workshops with and for girls and young feminists to come together, name their power out loud and strategise, to centre rest and restoration, for dreaming and radical imagination – welcoming Nala Feminist Collective, RESURJ, The Girl Generation and more. Be sure to make this a destination hangout for adolescent girls and young people you know are participating.

Purposeful as speakers and collaborators

18 July  3.30pm–5pm

Kigali Convention Centre Room MH4.2

Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP)

Where is the Money? Funding Adolescent Girls and Young Feminists

18 July  3.30pm–5pm

Kigali Convention Centre Room AD 10.2

Together for Girls, Safe to Learn

Survivor and Youth Advocacy for Safe Schools

18 July  5.30pm–7.30pm

FHI 360 Side Event

Opportunities Within Reach: How do you make locally led development work for women?

19 July  8am–9.30am

Ubumwe Grande Hotel


Global Feminist Solidarity on LGBTQI Rights

Amidst an African feminism that is deeply heteronormative, this event leads a conversation on intersectional feminism, and shares learning from the Yemoja Feminista fellowship programme.

19 July  11.30am–1pm

Kigali Convention Centre Room AD 10.2

The Girl Generation

Girls at the Centre – The Power of Partnering with Communities to End FGM/C

19 July  3.30pm–5pm

Kigali Convention Centre Room AD 10.2

Girls’ Resistance

Stories of Girls’ Resistance

In the largest ever collection of oral and narrative history of adolescent girls’ activism, offering a window into girls’ lives and their resistance in all of its messiness, pain, and power, this session bring together story curators, storytellers and artists to discuss what it tells us about girls’ resistance over time, space, and identity.

19 July  5.30pm–7.30pm

Kigali Convention Centre Room MH 3.1

Open Society Foundations, CREA, RESURJ, and Purposeful

75 Years of the UDHR: Intersectional Feminists Reimagine Human Rights