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Transforming Power Structures

Political advocacy and agenda setting

We work in deep partnership with girls and their allies to hold power-keepers to account. We accompany girls as they work to transform imperialist and patriarchal systems of oppression, showing up and holding space as adult allies in the service of girls’ own goals and strategies.

Our advocacy takes different forms in different places, for example working with girls to lobby for change in their communities, co-creating new policy provisions with local authorities in West Africa, or holding governments to account through formal legal systems.


Bondo Without Blood

The Bondo Society is a potentially critical space for women and girls pushing back against FGM and other forms of violence in communities across Sierra Leone.

Coalition for Girls Education

The Coalition opposes the bans on pregnant girls school attendance in Sierra Leone, and works to develop the radical inclusion and protection of young women and girls in schools.

The Black Tuesday Movement

The Movement is a feminist space for dialogue, healing, and direct and collective action. It has gained unprecedented support and unparalleled wins in Sierra Leone over the last 2 years.