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Building Collective Power

Building a base, raising consciousness and nurturing solidarity

Grounded in movement theory and deeply inspired by Black liberation and anti-imperialist movements on the continent and beyond, we hold space for girls to come together, learn together, to ask why, to push back and to transcend.

In Sierra Leone, we work with tens of thousands of girls across the country to build intergenerational solidarity and access spaces of political knowledge building.

We mobilise girls and their allies at scale, modelling new beliefs and shifting cultural conversations in community at large.

Across the world we support transnational solidarity building, facilitate peer-learning and collective strategy creation, and hold liberatory learning space for and by girls.

building collective power
Karo Kura Girls Circles logo

Girls Circles

Girls Circles use girl-only spaces, radio and girl-led collective advocacy campaigns to catalyst transformational change in girls lives in Sierra Leone.

Karo Kura New Moon logo

Karo Kura

Karo Kura is a media and arts platform designed by activists for girls, their allies and the wider community in Sierra Leone. It broadcasts across the country over 70 times a week.