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Work With Us

Purposeful is a proudly feminist organisation, with a strong intersectional power analysis. We pursue strategies that prioritise the collective liberation of girls. We are looking for team members who share our feminist ideals.

We pride ourselves on our diversity, the multiple languages we speak and places we live. We are all parents or have other caring responsibilities. We prioritise work-life balance, many of us have other projects and passions outside of Purposeful. As a team we prioritise opportunities for learning, sharing, and embedding different world-views. We are looking for team members who thrive in diverse and cross-cultural contexts, and who bring passion, creativity and a thirst for learning to their work.

We are most proud of the shared vision we have built with our partners – rooted in mutuality, trust, and collaboration. We are looking for team members who will work tirelessly to re-balance power disparities in funder-partner relationships, acting as responsible stewards of resources for and of our movements.