“As women, we must stand up for ourselves, for each other, for justice and for all.”
– Michelle Obama
Victoria Ballah

Victoria Ballah

Programme Coordinator

Victoria is a highly motivated Bsc Honors Social Work Graduate who is passionate and committed to giving back to society using the knowledge, skills and experiences gathered over the course of her academic and professional life. She has strong values built around helping others as well as acts of generosity and kindness. She is a great team member – well organised with excellent attention to detail and happy to work her own initiative within any professional setting, and always ready to learn new skills. She has volunteered with organisations such as the Children Assurance Programme (CAP), Social Workers Sierra Leone, You Can Do It Foundation, and Project Pikin, which helps children especially Girls and women living with disability. Before taking on her role, she served as fellow at Purposeful where she worked in the Karo Kura Project

Hosted by Purposeful and convened by the African Federation for Sexual Health and Rights.

The 10th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights


27 June–1 July 2022