“To live, we need to breathe, to be held and to hold, to love and be loved, to make kin and communities. Yes, to love and be loved. We too often forget that we are born helpless, and that this helplessness is not a weakness, but the reminder that interdependency is key to our survival. That interdependency is a source of joy rather than anguish, of comfort rather than despair. We are made of so many entanglements”
– François Vergès
Tana Forrest

Tana Forrest

Learning & Insights Manager

Tana is a feminist social researcher whose primary research interests relate to intersections of race, gender and postcoloniality in people’s everyday lives. Most recently Tana has worked as a research consultant on projects focussing on the lived experiences of girls and women based in the Global South. In addition to that Tana has worked with Women’s Funds across the globe as a feminist documenter and on educational projects with young people in South Africa.

Tana recently completed her PhD at the University of Warwick in Sociology which looked at experiences of mixed race identity in Britain from a feminist and post colonial perspective. She holds a postgraduate certificate in Social Sciences Research from the University of Warwick. Tana also holds Master’s and Honours degrees in Social Anthropology and a Bachelor of Social Science in Social Anthropology, English Literature and the History of Art and Visual Culture – all from the University of Cape Town.

Alongside her experience as a researcher, Tana has taught university level courses on the sociology of gender, discourses and histories of race, neoliberalism and class, as well as on medical and visual anthropology. In her spare time she loves going to art exhibitions, eating chocolate, tending to her plants, cuddling her dog and spending time with her loved ones.