“Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture.”
– Chimamanda Ngozi
Kaata Minah portrait

Kaata Minah

Programme Manager

Kaata is a passionate feminist who believes that education, knowledge and engagement are the greatest tools for achieving gender equality. She is a graduate of Fourah Bay College with a BA (Hons) in Political Science with considerable experience in Administration, Human Resource and Managing Operations from her previous employment at institutions such as Afriqia HR Solutions, AFFORD Business Centre and JNAP Ventures.
She is a selfless individual who spends most of her time volunteering in the service of adolescent girls. Kaata was the Volunteer Project Manager for Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone where she played a vital role in creating training materials and facilitating leadership training for adolescent girls. She was also responsible for the day to day management of the organisation.