“I am a feminist. It’d be stupid not to be on my own side.”
– Maya Angelou
Isata George-Sankoh

Isata George-Sankoh

Senior Finance & Administration Manager

Isata George Sankoh is the Senior Finance and Administrative Manager of Purposeful and has over eleven years of work experience in Financial Management and Operations in an NGO setting. She was a Finance Manager for John Snow Institute of Training and Research (JSI) and also Finance Associate for the West African Bankers Association (WABA). She headed the Finance Department of the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), which is an organisation that focuses on the development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Sierra Leone, thus improving the economic livelihoods of Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs and their communities.

In her role as Finance Head of AFFORD, she worked on various projects funded by donors including the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Comic Relief, UNDP, Soros Economic Development Fund and DFID (Job Bonus Scheme Project and Business Bomba Project). As a consummate finance professional, she is extremely dedicated to her work and has a wealth of experience in finance, administration and project funds management, with a passion and drive that enables her to succeed.