“Am I bossy? Absolutely, I don’t like to lose, and if I am told ‘no’, then I find a way to get my ‘yes’.”
– Naomi Campbell
Fudia Squire

Fudia Squire

Office Assistant

Fudia comes with years of experience working in a male dominated environment and she understands what it means to have someone stand up for you when needed. In her previous experience working in a correctional facility, she saw how women are marginalised even in prison. This experience makes her protective of the girls we work with.

A single mother of three boys, her experience greatly contributes to her views on feminism and why being a feminist is the path for liberation.

Hosted by Purposeful and convened by the African Federation for Sexual Health and Rights.

The 10th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights


27 June–1 July 2022