Dr Carol Labor

Dr Carol Labor

Senior Advisor, Collective Care

With over 30 years of experience, including 13 years in gender-focused education and mental health/SEL services in Sierra Leone, Dr Carol is an advocate, speaker, and researcher. Her research areas are grounded at the intersectionality of race and gender disparities in mental health services, trauma, and sexual/gender-based violence.

Using a trauma-informed pedagogy, Dr Carol develops and delivers scalable interventions and public health education curricula, trainers’ training, and professional development and technical assistance/capacity in the areas of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Trauma, Social Determinants of Health, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma-Informed Care/Services/Approaches and Employee Wellness, Mental Health, and Support.
Dr Carol’s professional experience includes creating evidence-based scalable interventions locally and internationally for multicultural and multilingual women and girls from countries including, but not limited to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Haiti, Ghana, Turkey, Syria, China, Jamaica, Mexico, and Iraq.

Hosted by Purposeful and convened by the African Federation for Sexual Health and Rights.

The 10th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights


27 June–1 July 2022