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Karo Kura

Karo Kura is a media and arts platform designed by activists for girls, their allies and the wider community in Sierra Leone. Broadcast across the country over 70 times a week, the platform is reaching 500,000+ people, sparking a national conversation and opening up possibilities for new ways of being for girls and young women.

Karo Kura New Moon logo

A mixture of factual and fictional radio/audio content, song and video, the platform models new beliefs and behaviours at scale. Co-created with girls and community allies across 6-months of research, workshopping, creative development and writer’s rooms, the characters and presenters have quickly become national treasures.

Karo Kura connects to and compounds the positive impact of all of our work in Sierra Leone, opening up cultural conversation through fictional storylines ahead of major campaigns and key movement moments, as well as reinforcing and deepening the work of mentors in our Girls Circle initiative.

At its heart Karo Kura is a space of joy, laughter, music, of dreaming and imagining and overcoming together. The characters in the drama and the presenters in the talk-show speak to the deep challenges girls face, while also showing the power and possibility of girl-led change.

Karo Kura content is available open source.