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Last Quarter Moon

In this final phase of the moon, it’s a moment to take a breath, and as the light slowly wanes, it allows for a time of calm. We take on the moon’s invitation to nurture our energies as we move towards new seasons and cycles. In resourcing resistance, we reflect on five years of learning, strategy, and sisterhood, of solidarity and shared action.

It is with deep gratitude we complete the journey so far. Join us as we toil and turn the soil, preparing for the next season. 

As we celebrate us, we celebrate you! 

Second Quarter Moon Illustration


Working with girls and feminist activists has taught us that resourcing means way more than distributing funds. Shared here are five years of key practices and emerging lessons that show the power and possibility of a different kind of resourcing. Into all seasons to come we’ll continue to humbly ask, what does it mean to move beyond the function of grantmaking to the political practice of resourcing resistance?