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Full Moon

In this phase, the full moon’s transformative power is unlocked in a time of renewal and recommitment to why we do what we do. We celebrate all that was planted during the new moon and express gratitude for all that is blooming. This is a time to be still and allow our hearts and hands to stay open.

We look around at all that is thriving, for all that has grown and for what has yet to blossom.

Come with us as we bask in the fullness of the moonlight!

Full Moon Illustration

Publication & Blogs

Take a look at the alchemy in the approach to girl-centred media through the Karo Kura Konection weekly talk show and radio drama. Rooted in meeting girls where they are, it demonstrates the power of radio to change lives.

Dive into our accompanying blog series to hear from the cast, presenters, and radio broadcaster.