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First Quarter Moon

The moon in this phase is moving towards its fullness as a symbol of strength, and it calls us to keep moving forward. We keep moving despite fears, doubts, or obstacles; we use our creative passion, our community, our determination to build new structures for the futures we imagine. 

Using our decisive power, we build on the foundations we’ve created. We use resistance as our fuel. This is the time to sustain what we have started; a place where we can begin to lean towards what calls us instead of what frightens us.

We draw on each other’s strengths, wisdom, and critical thinking. Join us as we expand the approaches of our work towards liberation.

First Quarter Moon Illustration

Inside the Circle

Girls’ Circles Collectives is working with and for 15,000 girls and their mentors across Sierra Leone. This is a movement for justice, and girls are leading from the front – read more about the programme in action and watch the short film that lifts their voices.

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