Youth For Women Foundation

Youth For Women Foundation


Youth For Women Foundation is an international civil society organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California whose mission focuses on empowering youth and women in the advocacy for nationwide sexual reproductive health rights and gender-based violence policies, fostering healthcare initiatives, strengthening digital literacy, and bridging the digital geographic and gender divide in rural and marginalized communities all over the world.

The Foundation has been a leading advocate for the healthcare, internet, and feminist inclusion of rural and marginalized communities of Iraq, India, and California for the past four years now.

It mobilizes young people and provides them with the skills and resources necessary to champion SRHR and gender equality, advocate for universal health coverage, and work for an inclusive and accessible internet through advocacy, education, research, and community mobilization.

Youth For Women Foundation works closely with leading international institutions to accelerate its impact on the national and global levels. Its goal is to empower one million youth and women worldwide especially in rural communities by 2030.