Sierra Leone

Women’s Forum for Human Rights in Democracy (WOFHRAD)

Women’s Forum for Human Rights in Democracy (WOFHRAD) was established in 2006 by two women who were studying at the University of Makeni. During field visits with the UN Peacebuilding Program they witnessed a case where a woman had been beaten by her husband. When the two were convened to discuss the matter and reconcile the couple, the woman was asked to apologize to her husband. They found this to be outrageous, which inspired the two women to focus on women’s empowerment. They also had been challenged by the University of Makeni to be job creators rather than just job seekers. A professor served as a mentor as they navigated the process of naming their organization and registration. Focus of programming includes women’s empowerment with a focus on land rights and livelihoods; women in leadership, response to sexual and gender-based violence; and safe spaces for adolescent girls. WAFHRAD is leading the Girls’ Circles program in Bombali district.