Vinnytsia Non-Governmental Organization

Vinnytsia Non-Governmental Organization “Informational and educational center ‘VIS’” (NGO “VIS”)


NGO “VIS’” was established as an informational and educational centre to support girls` and women’s leadership including raising awareness of gender-based violence. A key feature of the organisation’s activities is the youth feminist summer camps that bring together girls who identify themselves as feminists. Every year they create a safe space to support girls in their activism. The camp programmes provide leadership training, mentoring and support. Adolescent girls are active in the planning and programming of camp activities and in running the workshops. All participants evaluate the programmes and give recommendations on how to improve, in addition to creating their own feminist projects. NGO “VIS” also provides consultative, humanitarian and legal support for homeless girls and young women, while working on tackling the problem of homelessness in the regions it serves. NGO “VIS’” successfully implemented a media advocacy campaign against gender-based violence that provides girls and young women with information about where and how to get help if they or anyone they know has been subjected to gender-based violence. The organisation also offers business training and vocational support to internally displaced persons, women in difficult economic circumstances and people with disabilities. NGO “VIS” creates and supports volunteer networks where girls can support girls.