Teams advancing Women in Agriculture

Teams Advancing Women in Agriculture


Teams Advancing Women in Agriculture (TAWINA) was established in 2009 by a survivor of rape and gender-based violence to provide girls and women with life skills and to advocate for their rights as full and equal participants in society. TAWINA sets out to address the many issues facing women and girls in Mkukula, with programmes designed to improve educational opportunities, and offer knowledge and tools to help girls look after their health, protect their income and become more aware of safety. The organisation is led by rural girls and young women and focuses predominantly on disadvantaged girls and young women aged nine to 24. It works with teen mothers, orphans, child brides and those at risk of early marriage. It also serves sex workers, victims of gender-based violence and girls with disabilities. TAWINA offers training in agriculture, farming, economic literacy and resource management. It provides rural women with childcare facilities, allowing them some much-needed relief from the pressures of everyday life. Girls are also given the chance to join clubs where they can play and engage in physical activities that help them bond with other girls and build their self-confidence. They are encouraged to play chess, scrabble and other board games that help with memory, analytical skills and concentration. Today, TAWINA boasts 16 girls’ clubs and a membership of over 2,500 participants.