Takatoat- Intersectionalities

Takatoat – Intersectionalities


Who We Are

We are a group of young feminist activists from all across Jordan who believe in the power of feminist consciousness and solidarity in transforming narratives around gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. In 2020, we established Takatoat, which means “intersectionalities”, in response to the alarming number of horrific femicides that took place in the country and the persisting gender gaps within the legal, social, economic, cultural, and political domains. We aim to contribute to the current wave of unprecedented feminist mobilization and activism across the Arab world and the rise of a regional young, radical feminist movement that is unapologetically demanding safety, respect, and dignity for all women and girls.

What We Do

In order to meaningfully contribute to the Jordanian and Arab feminist movements, we direct our efforts towards:

  • Mobilizing and campaigning against all forms of gender-based violence.
  • Encouraging decentralized feminist activism through hosting community meetings and expanding our membership based collective.
  • Raising feminist consciousness through the production and dissemination of feminist knowledge. This includes hosting training sessions, webinars, and a feminist book club.