SARPA is an activist group who organise events and use online platforms to engage on issues such as gender, feminism and human rights for adolescents in Uzbekistan. Formed in early 2020, SARPA has held a DIY festival and exhibition addressing Gender Based Violence, as well as started a blog. The restrictions implemented as a result of Covid-19 have led to a loss of employment for many young girls and women, as well as an increase in Gender Based Violence in Uzbekistan. Isolation, along with the threat of restrictions on Social Media have also resulted in reduced access to networks of support. SARPA aims to continue with and expand their online work, as well as create a space for young girls interested in feminism to meet and gain support in the future.

Hosted by Purposeful and convened by the African Federation for Sexual Health and Rights.

The 10th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights


27 June–1 July 2022