Roots of Health


Roots of Health addresses high rates of unplanned teen pregnancies, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS infections by providing access to education and health services. Roots of Health runs comprehensive sexuality education classes in schools. It offers reproductive health services, providing girls with free contraceptives and pre and postnatal care in communities and clinics. Roots of Health trains young people on the basics of reproductive health and HIV and teaches them to communicate this information to their peers. These Youth Advocates (YAs) distribute condoms and refer sexually active youth to the clinic for contraception and HIV testing. In schools, the organisation teaches a focused curriculum on comprehensive sexuality education, including information on healthy relationships, dealing with peer pressure, and making informed decisions about when to enter into sexual relationships, the reproductive systems, contraceptives, STIs and HIV. Beneficiaries who show leadership skills are given further training as Community Health Advocates and go on to assist the clinical team and help keep track of the progress of women in their communities. Roots of Health has been successful in changing the attitudes of parents, teachers and health workers by including them in activity-based training. Roots of Health has been steadily increasing the number of students it reaches each year. In 2016, it reached 13,000 and is aiming for 20,000 this year.