Resource Centre for Women and Girls

Resource Center for Women and Girls


The Resource Center for Women and Girls (RCWG) was set up in 2007 in Machakos, south east of the capital Nairobi. Its goal is to help facilitate the personal growth of girls by giving them access to knowledge and increasing their awareness of their rights. The idea is to support them to grow into informed and independent women who are able to make their own choices and improve life in their communities and beyond. RCWG believes that by investing in women and girls, it will help create a generation of women unafraid to speak for themselves and break the barriers imposed on them by outdated social norms. RCWG offers a series of mentoring camps that equip participants with the tools to make informed decisions about their bodies and their lives, with an emphasis on solidarity and leadership run by alumni of previous girls’ camps. Girls are taught about sexual and reproductive health and rights, ensuring they understand that it is their right to live in safe environments, free from violence. The girl-centred and girl-led nature of the activities is very encouraging to newcomers. The organisation also runs workshops for parents, to help explain the importance of girls’ human rights and how these can affect a whole community. The group encourages girls to stay in school and develop their skills.