Sierra Leone

Pikin to Pikin Movement

Pikin to Pikin was formed in 1994 during the peak of the civil war. At the time, little attention was given to child protection issues as most efforts focused on relief and peace initiatives. But during the war, the rights of children were grossly violated. A group of four young people got together and decided to do something to help the children. By 1998 the group decided to register as an NGO. They focused on child rights, raising awareness on the Convention of the Rights of the Child. The group started as a voluntary organization, with meetings held at a member’s house. If anyone attended a training and received DSA, they gave 100 percent of it to the organization. Over time, they developed By-Laws and then later developed a Constitution. Pikin to Pikin’s core mandate is child rights and child protection. They also implement programs in education, health, and WASH. Pikin to Pikin Movement is leading the Girls’ Circles program in both Moyamba and Bonthe districts.