Sierra Leone

Peagie Woobay Scholarship Funds (PWSF)

Peagie Woobay the founder of Peagie Woobay Scholarship Funds (PWSF), established the organization when she was a teen mom. Despite getting pregnant at a young age, she was still able to pursue a formal education thereby improving her life because of the support she received from her family and community. As a result, she wanted to support other teen moms to achieve their dreams by pursuing what they are truly passionate about. PWSF educates and empowers adolescent girls who are deprived of an education because of a variety of reasons, mainly teenage pregnancy. They provide scholarships to cover learning materials, a set of school uniforms; mentoring to enhance learning and livelihood; skills training for vulnerable girls who cannot re-enter the mainstream education system to establish micro-enterprises. The organization provides day-care services to the kids of these teen moms.