Sierra Leone

Munafa M’Patie

Munafa M’Patie was started in 2006 and officially registered in 2007. The organisation’s name comes from three local languages, which combine to mean benefit for the children. The organisation was expanded with support from ChildFund Sierra Leone, who invested in training and building the capacity of Munafa to develop effective governance, management, and programming. Munafa uses a life-cycle lens to structure its programs, with a focus on children 0–5, 6–14, and 15–24. programme areas include health, early childhood development, education, youth livelihoods, and child protection. Across all life stages, Munafa serves more girls than boys. Overall, 55 percent of their beneficiaries are girls which reflects their recognition of the vulnerability of girls, who are selected by the community guided by a set of criteria. They currently serve 6,122 children. Munafa M’Patie is leading the Girls’ Circles program in Karene district.