Maitri Vietnam


Maitri Vietnam is a small womxn-led holistic art therapy space in Vietnam. Previously known as Girls in Blue Capes, their focus was on sex education, as well as promoting gender diversity and women’s empowerment between 2016-2019. Currently Maitri Vietnam is establishing a centre that provides professional therapeutic work (art therapy) and community projects both online and offline that support underserved communities including children and women survivors of domestic violence, LGBTQ youths, and veterans. Maitri Vietnam is currently working to share knowledge online and in the Vietnamese language about mental health and the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are planning to host a free online summit which will share knowledge about mental health, and provide self-care skills for mental wellbeing. Mental health is strongly stigmatized in Vietnamese culture, making it even more important and urgent to discuss during this time. Using online platforms will allow many people in different regions of the country to have access to the group’s webinars and share their experiences relating to mental health.