Kisumu Feminist Society

Kisumu Feminist Society


Kisumu feminists society was officially formed in 2019 at the Young Women in Leadership feminist forum that was held in Obunga. The idea to form a feminist organization that worked with ALL women, trans and gnc persons came from the need to have feminist spaces that discriminate other women on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, s tribe etc.

Kisumu feminists society was legally registered in 2020 as Winam Riwrwok Mar Hera to mean “Winam Circle of love’ a name that came up after the registrar in Kisumu said it wasn’t possible to use the name Kisumu.

Kisumu Feminists society currently has 40 plus registered members either full or partially and has done programs that have benefited over 1000 women, trans and gnc persons between 2018 and now.

Kisumu Feminists Society’s Mission is: “Re-defining feminism in African Women’s views through celebration of African Feminists in spaces that are inclusive. Intersectional and Afrocentric”

Kisumu Feminists Society’s vision is “To work towards achieving a world that is just and humanizes women, trans and gnc persons”

Programs Kisumu Feminists Society runs

Sexual reproductive and health rights
Physical Therapy for wellness
Art therapy for wellness
Law/legal/paralegal trainings and engagements
Feminist Leadership and organizing
People living with disabilities/People living with HIV
Adolescent girls forums 10 – 18 years
Security program (Safe houses and interventions for bot prevention and responding to violence) – Peace and security
Advocacy and campaigns both online and offline ex. marches., protests, Twittathons etc
Economic Justice – Radical community care
Climate and the environment
Media: Afri fems in media
Mental health

What we have done since we were formed

We organized the Anti femicide march in Kisumu that called for the government to declare femicide a national emergency. This march was part of the total shut down KE that Kisumu feminists society were part of.
We organized the Humanizing Black Female feminist convening that saw 50 women, trans and gnc persons meet in Katito to discuss and see ways to strategize around ending femicide and other forms if GBV.
We organized our first ever monthly meeting that was supported by our members and was held in one of our members house in milimani. This was in 2019 and this meeting would see the birth of consistent monthly meetings happen.

We organized consistent monthly meetings for one year thanks to support from Frida Young feminist fund and Global Fund for women. These meetings saw us provide our members with a space to learn , interact, keep touch and unwind.
We were the first ever organization in Western Kenya to organize a mutual aid program that saw us feed 50 women, trans and gnc persons solely on donations from well-wishers.
We organized a covid 19 WASH program/covid 19 awareness sensitization thanks to Urgent Action Fund.
We formed our Young Kisumu Feminist forum that saw girls as young as 10 agree to have a space of their own where they would learn. This was during the 16 days of Activism where we partnered with other organizations to provide pads and care packages.
We officially became part of the newly formed Western Kenya LBQ leaders collective.

– We did six months long Beijing +25 and GEF community forums through the support of Global Fund for women and Ywli through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
We continued having consistent monthly meetings thanks to the support from Global Fund for Women.
We continued with our radical community care program where we partnered with organizations like Feminists In Kenya to hold a food drive that saw us feed 100 women, trans and gnc persons. We also received more support to hold more food drives with the recent one having happened on 10th October 2021.
We got an office space in April 2021 that has not only acted as our safe space but also a small resource center to hold our activities, meet and discuss.