Kabataang IPnay Young Indigenous women collectiveKabataang IPnay Young Indigenous women collective

Kabataang IPnay / Young Indigenous women collective


Kabataang IPnay are a collective of indigenous young women activists from 20 indigenous communities in the Philippines who are dedicated to reaching out to other indigenous young women, and learning about their rights as women and as indigenous peoples. The collective creates spaces to talk about their different experiences with the aim of helping one another and strengthening their communities. Due to being located in geographically isolated areas, indigenous communities have limited access to correct information about Covid-19. Similarly, information on the ground and reports from indigenous communities are not disseminated. This lack of communication has exacerbated indigenous women’s exposure to different forms of violence at home, and in their communities, and made it more difficult for them to receive help. Kabataang IPnay aim to provide and support 10 Indigenous young women and their communities with a communication pack. These communication packs will enable access to accurate information about Covid-19, as well as online advocacy campaigns and communication with other young indigenous women and activists.