INAD Centre for Theatre and Arts

Occupied Palestinian Territories

INAD Centre for Theatre and Arts is a children’s theatre company that seeks increased appreciation of theatre in Palestinian society while giving children a much-needed space for creative expression. The organisation was established in 1987 by four young people, two of whom went on to pursue theatre studies professionally. INAD Theatre aims to reach 200,000 Palestinians in the region through performances in its own theatre, and via its community outreach programme which includes a mobile theatre that travels to different parts of Bethlehem. INAD Theatre takes musical performances to villages, camps and rural parts of the West Bank to children who do not otherwise have much access to theatre or entertainment. INAD Theatre works with local municipalities, schools and children’s institutions to raise awareness of the importance of theatre. Through the plays, children not only learn to tell stories, but they learn about their rights. INAD Theatre also conducts drama and theatre workshops in schools, helping children build up their skills and confidence, which in turn improves their behavioural, emotional and physical health. INAD Theatre runs an inclusive theatre project that empowers people with disabilities to speak up and raise societal awareness of access needs, while also reintegrating them into society. INAD Theatre’s plays address social issues, including family relations, gender equality, religious tolerance and the rights of individuals with disabilities special needs. INAD Theatre also supports a free library in Beit Jala which allows those with an interest in drama to access research materials and reference books on theatre. Despite working in extremely difficult conditions — the theatre has been bombed several times and equipment destroyed — INAD Theatre continues to provide theatre and arts to those who need it most.