Human Rights of Women and Girl with Disabilities In Malawi

Human Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities In Malawi



The Human Rights for Women and girls with Disabilities in Malawi was established to reflect an aspiration of the founding Director  who decided to set up a local organization whose sole purpose would be to promote rights of women and girls  with disabilities in Malawi. The founder was motivated by and against the background that women and girls  with disabilities live in poor discriminatory environment and are often voiceless and not recognized. She had also realized that there were many women organizations that promoted women’s rights in Malawi there was no women’s organization that targeted women with disabilities. It was against this background to fill the gap that is there in women and girls with disabilities . Established in 2013 and registered in 2016


A society where women with disabilities enjoy in full their sexual and reproductive health rights free from discrimination and lead a life self respect and dignity.


To promote and respect rights of women and girls with disabilities and advance for their active and meaningful participation in the socio-economic development of their lives, communities and of the country. Through lobby and advocacy, information sharing, civic education and building local networks.


Goals and Objectives

  • Sensitize and train women with disabilities on their human rights, to understand, know, exercise, and defend them.
  • Provide information, support and guidance to women with disabilities whose human rights have been violated through social economic empowerment
  • Lobby and advocate for friendly SRHR and health services