Human Rights Committee Vranje


Human Rights Committee Vranje (HRCVR) was established in 1988 to protect and promote human rights in Vranje. It works with women, girls and vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, members of the LGBTIQ* community and ethnic minorities. HRCVR is one of the oldest organisations in Vranje and one of the few NGOs in south Serbia that focuses on gender equality and protecting women’s rights. Since its foundation, the organisation has carried out over 360 campaigns, actions, performances, panel discussions, projects, workshops and seminars. The organisation set up a helpline, the SOS Vranje, which operates seven days a week and offers free legal and psycho-social support for those who have experienced domestic violence and human trafficking. The SOS Corner for Girls is the first and only programme in south Serbia created and led by girls that provides direct daily support, including via peer workshops, for girls aged 13 to 18 on the prevention of gender-based violence in schools. Over 2,600 girls participated in the thematic activities on the Prevention of Gender-Based Partnership Violence Against Girls. Its human rights programme works on supporting civil society groups, promoting environmental protection and the advancement of the rule of law.