Holla e.V.


HOLLA was set up in 2012 and works towards a society where women and girls of all backgrounds are equally represented. “Women and girls” include all people who define themselves as female, as well as those who define themselves as non-binary but are treated as female by society. HOLLA’s programmes and activities focus on the overall health of women and girls. Being healthy means feeling alright which is why, when working on health issues, it is vital to consider situations and mechanisms that contribute to making people feel unwell and this includes discrimination. HOLLA is the first German-speaking organisation to publish an educational brochure on the myths of the hymen. Contrary to what is widely believed, there is no such thing as breaking a hymen, and therefore no way to prove whether a woman has had sex before or not. The brochure was largely written by adolescent girls. The group offers training for participants in filmmaking, self-defence, body positivity, photography, vocal training and how to achieve goals. It also organised a powerful photo exhibition and set up a YouTube channel to showcase participants’ videos about children and youth rights, everyday racism, beauty standards, gender inclusive language as well as reactions to far right messages. The organisation’s Girls’ Advisory Council, named “the Hollies”, ensures that girls’ voices are heard in all aspects of the group and that their needs are met.