Grupo Artemisa Honduras


Grupo Artemisa Honduras is a grassroots organisation led by young women of diverse orientations, expressions and identities in the capital Tegucigalpa. The group was founded in 2010 to create a safe space for diverse young women to meet, connect and learn about gender, sexuality and human rights without fear of judgment or discrimination. Through its activities, Artemisa addresses issues of equality and social inclusion, citizen security and access to justice. With these, it aims to be a leading organisation in human development of girls, adolescents and young people, in all their diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. Artemisa is based in the neighbourhood it serves, meaning its members are deeply connected to the area and its issues. Artemisa is currently working on four projects which address the specific needs of girls and adolescents of the organisation and beneficiaries of the area it serves. The projects focus on sexual and reproductive rights; human rights and access to justice; sexual diversity and environmental justice. With the tools and knowledge learned through Artemisa’s programmes, girls have been able to generate dialogue in their social environments which has led to positive changes in behaviours. Girls are a fundamental part of Artemisa’s processes and sit on its board of directors. Next, the group plans to develop a toolkit on sexual and reproductive health rights that can be distributed to adolescents in various neighbourhoods.