Green Girls

Green Girls Platform


Green Girls Platform was established in 2018 to address the violence girls face due to the impacts of climate change. It works on capacity building, promoting climate justice, raising awareness of sexual and reproductive health rights and provides leadership skills. Through its programmes it teaches community leadership and trains around 100 girls on climate justice, evidence-based advocacy and on how to protect themselves from violence. It also teaches public speaking skills and organises dialogues and debates with other girls, as well as decision makers. It organises tree planting activities and advocates for the use of solar energy. All the activities are aimed at enhancing the girls’ leadership skills and helping them to better understand their rights and responsibilities. This will help them promote green lifestyles in their communities and make the right decisions regarding the environment. Girls are involved at many levels of the organisation including by participating in the annual general assembly where they choose their leaders. They are involved in organising clubs and they share their experiences and challenges, suggesting action plans and solutions to be taken on by the organisation.