Girls’ Rights and Advocacy Parade

Girls’ Rights and Advocacy Parade


Who we are!
GIRLS’ RIGHTS AND ADVOCACY PARADE (GIRAPA) is a community based girls’ group that target girls between 14 – 25 years to advocate for their rights at community level in Masaka City, Uganda

Vision Girls’ Rights and Advocacy Parade exists to uplift the interests and opinions of the neglected young girls, young mothers and women in the community to enable them have a stake and their rights be protected and voices be heard in the holistic community development activities to create an attitude of ownership
Mission Advocating for full participation and inclusion of all girls regardless of their sexual orientation, age, religion, race, gender or disability in contributing to and benefiting from their human rights mandate and holistic programs within the community

Girls’ Rights and Advocacy Parade focuses on three integrated areas of work:

a) Human Rights and Advocacy:
We focus to promote the rights of a girl – child, girls affected or infected with HIV/AIDS, girls and women with disabilities, girls in conflicts with the law, young mothers, girls who pronounce their sexual orientation, women who are sex workers and girls battering with drugs through advocacy to increase accessibility to services within areas of education, health, financial empowerment, training and human rights

b) Capacity building
We shall ensure that GIRAPA trains our members in (a) above to know their rights and as well as responsibilities that pertain to community participation, inclusion, decision making, planning and budgeting and ownership

c) Accountability;
We shall strengthen our ability to demand for accountability to the stakeholders concerning programs that benefit them and which are aimed for community transforming while strengthening collaborative community learning and evidence – based knowledge building