Girls of a Feather

Girls of A Feather

St Lucia

Girls of A Feather was established in 2014 to push for gender equality in Saint Lucia, while providing girls with a safe space to address their personal, academic and professional needs. The organisation began with dialogues and discussions on social media on a range of topics important to girls’ development and issues they face in society. This eventually led to the development of GOAF’s first summer camp, Beauty with Brains, with the help of volunteers, family and friends. Today GOAF is a robust mentoring organisation that encourages more activism by women and girls in Saint Lucia. It focuses on five main categories of development which are leadership, education, self-esteem, relationships and health. Its flagship programme Girls with Goals is a nine-month placement for girls aged 10 to 18, where girls are paired up with mentors. Girls are given the opportunity to speak with women of different backgrounds, and the programme offers activities ranging from yoga, to goal setting classes and entrepreneurship. Through the establishment of its own school clubs and annual camps, GOAF addresses topics such as consent, sexuality, feminism, gender-based violence, reproductive health, economic empowerment and LGBTIQ* issues. It offers leadership workshops, career and recruitment fairs and conducts girl centered community outreach projects, such as outdoors murals and donation drives. Girls play a pivotal role in the organisation’s structure and its continuity. Every year, girls select their peers as members of the executive committees and facilitate regular meetings to put forward the issues that are most important to them. Girls are also involved in the training and orientation of new mentees.