Geten, Center for LGBTIQA People's Rights

Geten, Center for LGBTIQA People’s Rights


Geten, Center for LGBTIQA People’s Rights is the first HRO working in the field of TIQ/gender diverse rights and the improvement of TIQ people‘s position in Serbian society. Over the course of last 20 years, Geten has completed numerous projects focusing on changing and improving legislation connected to trans and intersex people’s rights and they provide direct services primarily to the TIQ, but also LGB community. The impact of Covid-19 on people’s health and finances, as well as the economy, has placed further pressure on the pre-existing, and grave socio-economic position of minority groups in Serbia, meaning that TGNC people have been put at a particular risk. Geten hopes to alleviate the specific suffering and problems of TIQ and GNC people, and make the crisis more bearable by providing care packages, bringing the community together and improving mental health through their trans support group and other direct services (LGBTIQ SOS Helpline, psychological consultations, legal support, media), and providing a virtual space for the community in times of physical distancing (Balkan LGBTIQ Chat service, forum and social networks).