Fundación Para el Desarrollo Comunitario (FUNDECOM)


FUNDECOM was founded by community leaders of the municipality of Villa El Carmen to end sexual violence against girls, adolescent girls and women in rural and coastal areas in Masachapa and Pochomil in San Rafael del Sur municipality and in other parts of Nicaragua. It works to help girls and women heal from experiences of violence while empowering them with life skills and information that will help them work towards gender equality. This grassroots feminist group works with girls aged 12 to 18, those of mixed race who suffer discrimination, street vendors, girls with disabilities and girls from the LGBTIQ* community. It began with social activities including celebrating festivals and organising sports competitions or toy collections for needy children. Women Community Advocates provided crisis support and psycho-legal assistance to adolescent girls and women who suffered sexual abuse or attempted femicide. The group supported their rescue, protection, refuge, access justice and identification of a ‘safe person’ to enable them to continue their lives on leaving the refuge. FUNDECOM then developed partnerships and strategies to protect adolescent girls and women. Today it offers community development and organisation, advocacy for the rights of adolescent girls and women, play and experiential methodologies for emotional recovery and self-care for girls experiencing violence, failed suicide or rescue from attempted femicide. The organisation also runs a refuge for adolescent survivors of sexual abuse. FUNDECOM trains and empowers girls and women to take control of their rights, with the learning then shared in schools and in the community. It has also developed a unique programme to help bridge the gap between adolescent girls and their mothers from marginalised neighbourhoods, supporting them through emotional recovery and healing. The organisation has also allied with other local community networks to advocate together for the rights of women and girls.