Forum for Dignity

Forum for Dignity Initiatives


Forum for Dignity Initiatives is a research and advocacy forum working for the rights of sexual and gender minorities in Pakistan and a fairer society for transgender people, sex workers, girls and young women. It was established in 2013 in response to the lack of rights and dignity in treating sexual and gender minorities in Pakistan. fdi programmes consist of research, advocacy and capacity training to combat the stigma and discrimination against the transgender community. fdi believes that to counter the stigma, transgender people need to be equipped with the right tools including education. It works with the community to help them to foster more understanding of the needs and rights of transgender people. It also works with the government, civil society groups and other advocacy groups to help build awareness and improve transgender rights in Pakistan. fdi works on themes such as social justice and economic empowerment, political visibility and participation, sexual and reproductive health and rights. As of 2018, it has shifted its focus to include cis-gender girls whereas before then, the work was targeted primarily for transgender people. Girls are engaged in all levels of programming, from design to implementation. They share their experiences and needs and from that draw a way forward for the organisation.