Eve For Life

Eve for life

Eve for Life focuses on both prevention and management of HIV and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and strongly believes in, and acts on the basis of, care, commitment, creativity, and empowerment. It offers life skills, social and psychotherapeutic programmes aimed at strengthening girls’ resilience to help them navigate their challenging realities. Using a variety of tools, Eve for Life helps improve girls’ coping strategies, allowing them to grow into strong, confident adults. Eve for Life offers healing therapies including art, counselling and support group meetings and offers training on skills building. It provides HIV positive girls and teen mothers with the opportunity to learn more about HIV and motherhood. Eve for Life offers support in all aspects of HIV, from pre-test to post-test, prevention, care and support. It helps girls and young women find the appropriate referral service and encourages positive living with HIV and AIDS. Through its “Mentor Mom” programme, the organisation offers mentorship to girls and young women who are newly diagnosed with HIV and those who have experienced sexual abuse. The organisation also advocates and mobilises communities to end HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination, sexual abuse and the sexual exploitation of adolescent girls and young women in Jamaica. Eve for Life believes that its programmes must reflect and represent its beneficiaries’ needs. For this reason, it ensures the participation of girls at all levels of the organisation.