Drum 'n' rage (cro. Drum 'n' bijes)

Drum ‘n’ rage (cro. Drum ‘n’ bijes)


Drum ‘n’ rage are a collective based in Croatia who use drumming to spread a message of resistance against xenophobia, misogyny, disrespect for human, civil and labor rights, and social injustice. By participating in protests and empowering individuals who are drumming to support social change, they want to help create a more educated, active and socially sensitive community. They aim to nurture queer-feminism and solidarity within the collective and outside, empower oppressed persons and groups through gathering and drumming, develop critical and political awareness amongst participants and encourage self-organisation and comradeship. In addition to drumming at protests, Drum ‘n’ rage also organise and conduct drumming workshops and mentor young female/queer persons for coordination, action planning, communication and activism within the group. Along with continuing to collaborate with other organisations and informal initiatives that share their values, the collective is working to strengthen and expand their capacity, as well as decentralise their work.