Sierra Leone

Community Action to Restore Lives (CARL)

Community Action to Restore Lives (CARL) was founded in 2011 by female activists who had suffered various forms of violence as young girls in Southern Sierra Leone. Carl provides life skills information to girls through their safe space programmes to support them in combating their daily challenges, including sexual and gender based violence. CARL is a community grantmaker, making small grants to small community organizations in Moyamba town and its surrounding villages. CARL’S partners all operate in different communities in the Moyamba district. They include: Children Of The Nation (COTN), Women Partnership for Justice and Peace(WPJP), DISABILITY RIGHTS MOVEMENT – (DRIM-SL) and KORI CHIEFDOM GIRL-CHILD ORPHANAGE (KCGO). The organizations provide adolescent sexual and reproductive health education to girls through their safe space and life skills sessions. They also provide girls education by providing basic school materials.