The Comisión Mujer Joven / AMOJO is a group of girls and young women from Ometepe Island, Nicaragua that works for the defense and exercise of girls and young women rights with autonomy and emphasis on the prevention of violence. In the context of the pandemic experienced by the world, by our country and by Ometepe, girls and young women have been exposed to the pandemic and are experiencing the emotional consequences of domestic, community, and gender-based violence and the lack of economic resources that directly affects girls, especially in their basic personal hygiene and sanitation products. The Comisión Mujer Joven / AMOJO seeks to provide basic food and sanitary kits for girls from rural communities. They also seek to strengthen food security by planting vegetables in their yards to have food at the end of the year. They also aim at generating online information for the prevention of violence and COVID-19 in the communities where they work through messages and videos (social networks and WhatsApp).