Coletica Nega

Coletivo NEGA


NEGA – Negras Experimentações Art Group is the first black theater group in Santa Catarina-Brazil, rescuing black culture through art. Created 10 years ago as a university extension project inspired by Teatro Experimental do Negro (TEN) – founded by Abdias do Nascimento – the collective seeks to make up for the lack of representation of black brazilian population in theater. Its existence, however, goes beyond the academic theatrical scope and expands in the construction of arts made by black people in this state. For this construction, the members of the Collective – formed by cis women, LGBTQI + and a non-binary person – are trained to develop an intimate dialogue with society about the brazilian political context. Expanding university boundaries, NEGA has been carrying out training, extension and arts projects for 4 years, in black, peripheral communities and with women imprisoned through project @mulheres.negras.resistem.