Coletivo Juventude Mato Grosso do Sul

Coletivo de Juventude do Mato Grosso do Sul


Young Women, we don’t get anywhere competing. Every time a partner places herself as part of others, we embrace to give a strength that, perhaps, we individually don’t have. These are bonds of sorority. We seek to understand about children, recipes, dreams, jobs, debts, family, bruises, loves, pains, existence. We are walking the path of resistance. Better walk together, right? Not only the pain unites us, but also laughter, risk, and party. If competition is one of the bases of capitalism, cooperation can be the basis for overcoming it. We start from what makes us and identifies us, we bleed and give birth every day seeking freedom to become builders of new ties, drawers of new paths, and to be free from all oppression. We believe that it will be women the commanders of the Revolution. We continue to fight until we are all set free.