Chhori is a non-profit organisation that works with girls under 18 who have been subjected to sexual exploitation and slavery, trafficking, violence and other gender-based discriminatory practices. It focuses particularly on exploited girls working in the entertainment sector. The group is led by women who are survivors of exploitation and gender-based violence and is aimed at extracting other girls and women from vulnerable situations and giving them the skills to lead a fulfilled life. Chhori focuses on developing girls’ self-empowerment to enable them to challenge structural discrimination and defend themselves against injustice, violence and exploitation in order to live dignified lives. Chhori runs a shelter to support victims, a place where they can feel physically and emotionally safe. It offers a therapeutic environment where girls have the time and space to rediscover themselves and start building skills for a new life. Survivors of violence and exploitation receive psycho-social counselling both at an individual and group level, as well as medical support when needed. There are training schemes available, such as computer classes, sewing classes and handicrafts skills. Chhori connects girls with employers in relevant industries. Chhori runs a mobile counselling unit to reach girls who are unable to travel to the centre. Travelling to all areas of Kathmandu, the mobile unit provides women and girls with counselling, legal support, training for income-generating activities, vocational training and help with job placement. Chhori also conducts advocacy to end the exploitation of women and girls working in the entertainment industry and to raise awareness of the rights of women and girls.