Asociación COINCIDIR


COINCIDIR was founded in 2010 in Guatemala with a goal to transform girls’ lives by boosting inclusion in their community. The key to the organisation’s success is in its building of grassroots movements to support its programmes. COINCIDIR works in Chimaltenango, Baja Verapaz and Jalapa states and involves girls at all levels of the organisation, from running activities to strategic planning. It promotes political and social inclusion by mobilising adolescent girls to advocate to local government officials on access to education. It organises community events and uses theatre, art and music to deliver its message. As a result, some municipalities have increased the percentage of resources allocated to the education of girls and adolescents. COINCIDIR has created safe spaces where girls can meet, exchange ideas and take part in leisure activities. It also provides girls with information on sexual and reproductive health. The organisation works to improve enrolment, retention and attainment in schools by engaging community members, teachers and government officials. COINCIDIR has had a strong impact in the communities it serves. Rates of violence against girls have dropped by 20 percent. Local authorities have started to understand and respond to the need for girls’ inclusion. School enrolment has increased from 50 percent to 74 percent.