Afroactivists is a new organization formed by girls and young women living in rural communities in Malawi. The organisation aims to provide opportunities for development, education, health, safety and a platform for fighting against gender-based violence, prioritising justice and working towards the SDG goals to ensure a better environment for girls. The pandemic has had a significant impact on girls and young women. Internet access is limited and expensive, meaning that online classes are not possible. There has been an increase in sexual violence and rape with over 25 survivors in the community in need of assistance, and an increase in teenage pregnancy. Additionally, health services and resources are limited due to the closure of community health halls. Afroactivists aims to set up a temporary community health centre that will provide PPE and sanitary products to community members, as well as appoint private community counsellors to assist girls who have experienced domestic violence. Funding will also be distributed to teachers and teaching assistants who do not have adequate PPE.