Meet Our Community

We work globally and in Sierra Leone. We experiment with new models to reach girls organising autonomously at the margins of the margins, including girls with disabilities, girls living in deeply rural areas, without phone or internet access, and girls who are usually shut out from resources and decision-making.

Our Global Community

Globally, we support girl activists organising across all countries and all regions of the world. Our regional staff and consultants are rooted in local movements and hold a deep understanding of the context of girl organising. We operate in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

Grantee Fund Type
With and For Girls Award Winner
The Girls First Fund
South Africa
The Girls First Fund

Local Community – Sierra Leone

We are reframing what it means to move resources to these groups – lowering barriers to application by taking proposals in person, on the phone and via WhatsApp voice note in 4 additional local languages including Krio, Mende, Fula and Temne.

We support informal girls formations in very rural areas to access resources in cash – via mobile and in person , while moving away from the usual punitive approach to due diligence so that girls instead make commitments to themselves and each other through giving ceremonies and other community-rooted giving mechanisms.

Check back soon for more on our feminist funding partnerships in other priority countries.

Advocacy for girls Progress


Alliance of Concern Sierra Leoneans (AC/SL)

Association for Women and Children at Risk (AWCR)

Children Education Foundation (CEF)

Community Action to Restore Lives (CARL)

Community Animation for Peoples Empowerment Network, Sierra Leone (CAPEN-SL)

Daindemben Federation

Feminist United Allies Sierra Leone

Forum for Community Development (FCD)

Gbortima Ladies in Development

Girl Child Network(GCN – SL)