“No one is free until all of us are free. None of us is equal until all of us are equal.”
– Martin Luther King
إليزابيث يامباسو

إليزابيث يامباسو

مساعد تنفيذي

Elizabeth Yambasu is a young feminist who believes in the power of having a voice. To her, change starts when a woman is able to express herself.

She is a graduate of public policy and Governance (Zimbabwe) who believes in the empowerment of young girls and women. In 2017, she was elected the first female President of the West African Students Association at Africa University Zimbabwe. In that same year, she was part of three women to be nominated as Student’s Union Parliamentarian.

Elizabeth believes in being a voice for women and young girls who don’t have a voice. During her undergraduate studies, she headed one of the female hostels as a representative of the warden being a medium for them to the university heads.

In her spare time, Elizabeth writes and to her, being able to express yourself is power and writing is one way to exercise that power.

She loves field work and volunteering and in 2018, she interned at the Office of National Security, Disaster Management Department for her Masters thesis data collection. During this time, she was able to interview the survivors of the 2017 mudslide and she was able to help them share their story giving them a chance for their voices to be heard and for change to start.

She believes that in helping young girls find their purpose, she too will find her greater purpose and that Purposeful is a platform for her to help bring justice to young girls and slowly influence policies that hinder the progress of young girls.